1UP Creative will help you grow

We have a vested interested in making sure that each design, each video, campaign, logo, and marketing plan helps you reach the leads you need! We are experts in messaging, and we know how to reach potential leads and how to turn those leads into customers.

It’s pretty easy to say that almost anyone can build a website, but the question is: can anyone make that website bring in business? We believe in business solutions that help your bottom line. While our websites and media might look fantastic, they also serve a very important purpose–we create a connection between you and leads. We then use proven strategies to turn those leads into actual clients.

A carefully crafted message can be the difference between new clients and none. How does your audience resonate with your brand? How does the messaging pique their interests? And most importantly: why should the customer care? We help you answer all of the questions, and we deliver content that your potential customers will care about!


What are our rates?

We typically charge a flat rate for each project that we do. We find that flat rates eliminates the worry of keeping up with hours for both the client and us. Our flat rate estimates are based off of our experience with projects over the years, and is typically lower than larger agency rates. Our team is small, but dedicated to each business that we work with. Contact us for a rate sheet!

How Long Will It Take?

Each project is different when it comes to time for completion. However, we typically turn projects around very quickly. We communicate with our clients each step of the way! For websites, we offer free base technical support for as long as your site is hosted on our servers.

Project Start & Payment Policy!

We can start as soon as you are ready! Typically, we start each project with a conversation: we want to find out your needs, who your potential lead demographics are, what your industry is, and what your budget is. We understand that budgets can be tight, and we do our best to work within those parameters. Once we have a firm grasp of what it is you are needing, we will provide a quote/scope of work. If all is agreeable, we will send a contract, along with an invoice for a deposit. The deposit is usually half of what the total project cost is. The other half is due after delivery. On larger projects, those over $5,000, we prefer a 65-25-15 payment method, which is usually better for the client, as they pay out by project benchmarks. If we are being hired for ongoing work, retainer rates will be agreed upon during the quote/scope of work phase. Paying multiple months in advance also saves up to 10%-15%.

Once the deposit payment is made and the signed contract is sent back, we start immediately! We communicate with you every step of the way with status updates–this way you know the work is being done, and it’s being done to your satisfaction!

Please note that for projects under $1000, first-time clients must pay-in-full before the project start. Established clients are asked to pay upon project delivery.


We offer many different creative services, of which web development and video production are our top contracted services. We offer packages, where you can save by contracting for multiple projects. If you hire us to develop a website and produce a promo video, you will save 10% on the total project. If you hired us for a website, logo, video, and web marketing, then you could save 15-17%! We always try and save our clients bottom line–we understand that marketing and creative services can be expensive; however, if you are not advertising, you are not being seen! Advertising, with the right message, is integral for your businesses’s success.


Web Development
Video Production
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
App Development


All of our web development, video production, and graphic design is done-completely in-house. The majority of our digital marketing is also in-house; however, we have established partnerships with agencies and other companies to bring you the very best services possible for Google Adwords ads, YouTube advertising, APP development, broadcast schedules, and SEO.

For any project work that is partner-produced, we oversee every detail, and work to make sure that you get only the very best products/services that we offer! Because of our partnerships, we are able to save YOU advertising costs across the board!