Our video marketing strategies helps your business grow and prosper by building trust with your ideal customers!

1UP Creative is here to help you reach your ideal customer, build trust with them, and grow your messaging footprint. Our services fall into 3 different buckets–each one researched and tailored to help you leverage video marketing for your business!

VMP (Video Marketing Plan)

1UP Creative provides a 2-hour workshop that will walk you through the process of building a plan in how to implement and use video to reach and engage your ideal customers.

Video Production Training & Courses

1UP Creative will tailor an all inclusive course that walks you and your employees through the process of shooting & editing your own videos, and how you can use social media (such as YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram) to promote your business and show up in Google searches. Best of all, you don’t need expensive equipment!

Professional Video Production

1UP Creative will help you determine the best style of video for your business, so that you can create real dialogues with your existing customers and your ideal clients. Authentic, educational, entertaining, empathetic, and emotional connections are what establishes trust between you and your audience and sets you up as a thought leader in your niche. We use the approach of making your clients the hero of the story, with you being the ultimate guide who helps them solve their problems through your product or service!

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