We approach web design differently. At 1UP Creative, we believe each site should be unique to the business for which it is being built. So many “web firms” today use premade templates for their clients, resulting in low engagement sites! A brand website should encapsulate the essence of the business, the design should be unique, and the content should be tailored to the purpose for generating leads for said specific business. This is what we do!

We primarily use WordPress as our CMS(content management system) of choice; however, we do and can build out bespoke solutions for companies needing tailored backends for their business. WP powers over 30% of all websites on the web, so it’s a trusted solution. Meaning that it’s a standard website CMS that offers huge benefits! We also offer hosting and domain registration included with most of our packages.

During this phase, we learn what you want from your new website. We learn about your business, and develop a plan to generate new leads and convert clicks into customers.

This is the process where we take our notes from the discover phase, and begin to plan designs. Once you are satisfied with the layout of the new site, we build it out, along with SEO best practices.

We will send you a link to give it one last pass, and barring any changes, we will publish your new site! Your new site is up, and we can either manage it or teach you how to!


We are licensed and insured, and will make sure that we produce videos that further your brand! We LOVE video, and we work very hard to craft messaging that engages. The way we work is simple: we get to know you and your business. We determine what type of video may work best for you(testimonial, explainer, brand awareness, etc.), then we start with scripting & storyboards. Once we have solidified the message, and you have approved the script, we set up a shoot date(s). We shoot, then edit, and then send your video to you for approval. All video production includes a professional voice-over, licensed music, and scripting. Some services, like drone coverage, extensive motion graphics, 3D modeling/animation, hiring talent, location permits, may require additional fees from our base packages. 

1UP Creative does offer several base package options(flat fee) for long-form, 60, 30, and 15 second spots, as well as live event coverage. Big campaigns requiring multiple shoot days, talent, additional crew members, and other specifics will be quoted on per job. 

Converting! Comscore reports that video converts at 64%! That’s HUGE, meaning that its top of the media list for ROI.

A great video can help purchase intent by up to 97% and can help associate your brand with the message by up to 139%. After seeing an ad, around 12% who watched will buy.

According to Simply Measured.com, companies using video on Facebook report up to 65% increase in engagement.

Marketing/Social Media/SEO

So you have a great website now and an amazing video campaigns–what’s next? You need to be able to blast your message to your target audience! This is where marketing comes into play. There are so many different ways to disseminate your message that things can get confusing. One size does not fit all, but a few things are true: if you’re not advertising, you’re losing money! The Internet has made marketing cheaper, but it has also muddled the pipeline with multiple streams of information that can be hard to sift through. We are experts at reaching your target audience! We help set up marketing plans that deliver your message to where it needs to go. We track results and send you reports, so that you know your campaigns are returning on your investment!

We can build ads that narrow down your target audience on Facebook & Instagram, so that you aren’t wasting money on people who are not prone to buy your service or product!

Our certified Google Adwords professional will help you grow your new website Online and achieve higher Google ranking results for organic searches. We can also place your video ads on YouTube!

We can help you get your message out to all of those who consume video on-demand, as well as local markets in both cable and over-air stations. We help you get the best slots possible!

Branding & Print

A well designed and clever logo can help set your brand apart from the rest! Your brand is your stamp that signifies who you are and what you offer. First impressions are extremely important, so your logo needs to stand out, but in a good way! Bad logos can reduce confidence in your business, and bad logos can put potential customers off. We work hard to develop brand marks that are beautiful, meaningful, and establish who you are with a glance!

Print design is also important to your business: collateral such as business cards and letterhead, as well as signage, and brochures are marketing tools that can work well if properly developed. Wasted space is a term that’s used for throw-away marketing materials–we take great care in making sure that each piece helps your ROI.

Your logo is your identity! 1UP Creative will help you design a clever brand mark that tells the world who you are and what you do! We work design logos that stand apart!

We can put together comprehensive collateral packages that display your brand in a refined and professional way. A good business card can go a long way in swaying customers to your service or product!

1UP Creative can help you develop outdoor campaigns that will attract passers-by and leave a lasting impression! You only have a few seconds for signage, so make them count!

application development

It seems like everyone has an “app” these days, but what does is an app really good for? We develop apps by one guiding principle: find out the one thing that your app needs to do, and make sure it does it well. Apps are great for quick engagement/control over your service or product, but not every business needs an app! For most companies, a well-designed responsive website works great for what others may try and sell you on application development. We don’t just build applications for smart devices, we help you determine if it’s the right approach for your company!

For every app that we develop, we make sure that it runs on Android & iOS. We extensively test our client’s apps before release, and each app is designed/developed with our guiding principle! This way, you will know when your software is released it will be easy to use and frustration free!

Every application designed and developed by 1UP Creative is put through rigorous user experience testing, whereby the user interface is designed. A well-designed app is the difference in customer engagement and wasted money on development.

Every app that we build is developed with delivery on the Google Play store and the Mac App store. An application is great, but it’s of no value if people cannot access it easily.

With every new system update, new parameters for smart device applications are required. We offer plans for every app that we develop, so that when a new system release is imminent, your application doesn’t break!