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A few Pro Tips for the road!

  • You need to be on YouTube!

    Alphabet, Inc. owns both Google and YouTube, and because of their algorithms YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world (right behind Google)! Google indexes and uses data from videos uploaded to YouTube to return results when someone makes a search. Videos that you upload to the YouTube platform can dramatically increase your business website’s SEO!

  • You should be using social media!

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even TikTok have spent billions on video infrastructure. Video has become the go-to content of choice for consumers because of its efficiency and personability of messaging. A great way to use long-form video that you produce for your website and YouTube is to cut out short (30-60 seconds) segments of importance and upload those to these platforms! One video becomes many and extends your reach across a multitude of networks.

  • You should have an email list!

    All the above-mentioned platforms, while great for reaching your ideal customers, is owned by other businesses. These businesses can change their rules at any given minute, and there is always the uncertainty of their longevity and popularity. Therefore, you should have an email list! Using landing pages with great video messaging, and lead magnets, can help you create and continue to grow a list of prospective customers. This list becomes a tally of qualified leads that you can make offers for to your services and products. But be careful, and don’t spam! Always provide value!

  • Be consistent with your content!

    For this all to work, you must be consistent with your content. It’s a good idea to find employees in your company that can help you deliver your messaging with energy! Video content for marketing works best when you dedicate time and resources to continued production and delivery. Set up a schedule, shoot several videos at once, and then deliver that content on a rotation that works for you. Once you set expectations for your audience, they will depend on your ability to deliver. This may seem like a small detail but being consistent also builds trust!

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