Use these 3 videos to reach your ideal customers!

Take control over your own inbound video marketing by using this guide to determine the first 3 videos to reach your ideal customers!

Video is the most powerful advertising medium that can be used today for your business. Just this year, Mark Zuckerberg–founder of Facebook, told his employees to focus their attention on making video the most prominent content on the Meta platforms!

If you’re not using video for your marketing, then you may be losing out on valuable leads. The good news is that you’re here to take the first step to 1UP your video content game!

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Helpful tips for producing your own video content.

  • Use the tools you have!

    You can use your phone to shoot your business videos. Typically, the 80% video is more of a flagship video that works with a bit of polish, but you can still do a lot with the tools you have! Make sure your phone is stable by propping it up on a desk or table. Get help if you need to for framing. Always use the back camera for more important videos, as it has better quality lenses. You can also find affordable tripods on Amazon made for phones!

  • Light is key for good video!

    Always shoot in plenty of light! It's best not to mix temperatures, too, such as yellow and white light sources. When starting out, it's usually easier to find a large window, turn off overhead lights, and let the natural light key in facial features and details. You can also find affordable ring lights on Amazon if natural light sources are unavailable.

  • Edit videos right from your phone!

    There are a lot of different video editing apps out that give you the flexibility to produce finished video content straight from your phone! A few of the apps are: LumaFusion ($29.99), Adobe Premier Rush ($9.99/monthly), or iMovie (for iOS devices only–Free).

  • Distribution is how it all comes together!

    If you have a business, you NEED to be on YouTube–it's the second largest search engine in the world besides its parent company Alphabet Inc. (Google)! There is a lot more to your longterm strategy than just posting videos to YouTube, but uploading your content there is a good start. You can then embed those videos into your website. Cut out important parts and edit them into quick segments that you can distribute on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Know where your audience is and feed content into those platforms!

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