We are PASSIONATE about helping clients leverage the power of AI in their business!

1UP Creative helps our clients leverage the power of AI to develop mobile-first websites and engaging video content, ensuring businesses build a strong online presence. This approach streamlines the creation process, offering tailored, efficient solutions for digital visibility and audience engagement.

Our Promise to You

Our Mission

1UP Creative is committed to empowering business owners with the knowledge to effectively utilize AI in marketing. Embracing a collaborative learning approach, we stay abreast of the evolving AI landscape to serve as a vital conduit between current marketing strategies and their application for business growth, customer trust, and reaching ideal clients. We are constantly learning new techniques to help you leverage the power of AI! Click here to find out more about our services.

Core Values

Service & Faith

Service and faith are two of the main tenants behind what 1UP Creative does. We firmly believe that when you put people first, everything else falls into place.


Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. The philosophy behind our business model is that we want to keep your businesses full and prosperous. Healthy and prosperous businesses raises the quality of life for all communities.


Us being honest with you, and you being honest with your customers is important for building good working relationships. And trust between a customer and a business, once broken, is never easily restored. This is why honesty is our final, but most important core value.

Meet 1UP Creative's

Team Members

Mike Turner


Mike, renowned as an exceptionally hard-working videographer, also excels in AI technology and graphic design, making him a versatile asset to the 1UP team. His infectious positivity and eagerness to embrace new skills have honed his expertise in both videography and the latest digital trends. Since joining in 2014, Mike has been integral to numerous projects, proving himself to be an invaluable part of the 1UP family. If top-notch video production with a blend of AI innovation and graphic design flair is what you need, Mike is your go-to professional.

Carey Photo

Carey Rodriguez


Carey Rodriguez, known for her sharp intelligence and meticulous approach, expertly utilizes AI technology to enhance content strategy. Her skills in understanding audience reception, coupled with a mastery in English, allow her to refine messaging, ensuring clarity and impact. At 1UP Creative, Carey's language expertise and AI insights are key assets, contributing significantly to client success. Additionally, her dynamic interaction keeps John, the founder, consistently engaged and on his toes. Oh, Carey also keeps John on his toes at all times!

John Rodriguez profile photo

John Rodriguez


John established 1UP Creative, LLC with a vision to assist small business owners in harnessing AI technology for creating competitive websites and effective video content. His background in Graphic Design and Digital Media, combined with his passion for continuous learning, drives him to explore innovative ways to utilize AI in digital marketing. Guided by his faith, family values, and a commitment to help others, John dedicates himself to delivering high-quality, efficient services to 1UP's clients.

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