How to Improve Your Video Marketing | 5 Tips

Sell the hole, not the drill!

Improve your video marketing. Video is an insanely powerful medium for communicating ideas. But a lot of the time, ideas can get muddied in the delivery, the content then confuses the viewer, and in the end, you completely miss the mark leaving your audience with a bad taste in their mouths.

In this article, we are going to cover 5 tips that will help you improve your video marketing content, so that it has a clear objective, is easily understood by the viewer, and consistently delivers value. So, let’s get to it!

TIP #1 – KISS Method

KISS Method – KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE. You can apply the KISS method when putting together a script. Avoid jargon and complex language. Wherever possible, avoid complexity, as simplicity means that more people can understand your topic.

TIP #2 – Narrow Your Focus

Narrow Your Focus (only one topic per video; avoid the kitchen sink) – solve one specific problem at a time in your video content. If you’re selling drills, instead of talking about all of the specs for your drills, make videos that focus on specific scenarios: such as, “how to drill into drywall.” By narrowing your focus, you are keeping your videos simple and avoiding muddying the content.

TIP #3 – Solve Specific Problems by Improving Your Video Marketing

Solve specific problems – this one ties into the “Narrow Your Focus,” but goes a bit deeper. You don’t want to willy-nilly answer questions your ideal customer may or may not have, instead do your research to find out the most commonly asked questions that exist in your target demo. Provide solutions to THOSE specific problems, starting at the top and working your way down, one video at a time.

TIP #4 – Deliver Up Front

Deliver Up Front – dive into the solutions as swiftly as possible. Studies show that you have about 3 seconds to capture interest, so quickly let your viewer know what pain point you’re going to help them solve.

Tip #5 – Sell the Solution

Sell the solution – sell the hole, not the drill. As video professionals, marketers, and business owners we produce our best work when we provide solutions to specific problems. EXAMPLE: “don’t say, this drill has a 1HP motor, instead say you can easily build furniture & hang photos without getting tangled in cords or worrying about running out of power for hours on end.” People don’t care about specs all that much, what they care about are solutions that you are able to provide.

Solve Problems & Improve Your Video Marketing by Building Trust!

When people feel like you are improving their lives, you are building trust, and those who trust you are always more likely to do business with you. With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to create better video content that delivers actual solutions that people are looking for. When in doubt, keep it simple to figure it out!

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About The Author

John Rodriguez, MFA

John Rodriguez is a former assistant professor of digital media in mass communication, who founded 1UP Creative, LLC with his wife Carey Rodriguez, to help small businesses grow their customer base through effective video marketing strategies. He has published articles and text-book chapters in marketing, as well as developed extensive curriculum at the University level. John holds a BFA in Communication Design and an MFA in Digital Media and has over 20+ years experience working with small to medium sized businesses.

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