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Marsala Beverage Co

The custom, responsive website we created and developed for clients at Marsala Beverage Co. was designed and developed with an eye towards integrating our business’s resources throughout the development process. Our design and development initiatives brought to light the multiple layers and intricate aspects of Marsala Beverage Company’s diverse products and services while leveraging the power of search engine optimization efforts to maximize the company’s online presence. Our team at 1UP Creative, LLC, aimed to make the interaction with the site as attractive and user-friendly as possible, from its carefully crafted navigation elements to the well-defined graphics and teaching content carefully curated to excite people and engage them in a way that benefits both Marsala Beverage Co. and themselves.

Custom Design & Development

Our main objectives for the Marsala Beverage Co. website project were to create a custom, responsive website and effectively display the vast portfolio of their range of products and services. Also to increase visibility of the company in the search rankings using some advanced SEO techniques and delivering more organic traffic to the site. We were looking to make the website more user friendly with a high quality design that reflects professionalism.
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