A FAQ/80% Video Can Save Your Business Time & Money

Full FAQ/80% video walkthrough & explanation

What is a FAQ/80% Video?

Save your business time and money with a FAQ or 80% video! What is a fact video or a frequently asked questions video (also an 80% video)? The 80% refers to 80% of the questions that your customers commonly ask, and FAQ stands for: Frequently Asked Questions. In this article we’re going to dive into how this type of video on your website can save your sales team a lot of time; and, in the end, save your business a lot of money!

Small Business Owners Jenn & Jesse

Jenn is a boutique owner who sells women’s clothes, shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

Jesse is a bike shop owner. He repairs and sells motorcycles.

Jenn has a FAQ/80% video; Jesse does not.

How a FAQ/80% Video Helps Jenn’s Business

So, what happens when somebody goes to Jenn’s website? The first thing they see is her FAQ video. In this video, Jenn talks about the types of things that she sells, how to make purchases, can they be ordered online, do they do curbside pickup, and what the general prices are. At the very end, she is going to have a call to action in the video. The trust factor comes from Jenn’s customers getting to see her, hear her, look at what’s inside of her store, and get to know a little bit about her before they ever even decide to make a purchase! Jenn has also taken the most common questions that her customers have asked over the years, and addressed those in this video.

Why Jesse is Losing Time & Money by Not Having a FAQ/80% Video

Jesse doesn’t use video content for his business, but he does answer a lot of phone calls throughout the day. Every time Jesse gets a phone call it takes him out of what he’s doing, and it takes away from the time that he could be spending interacting with customers in the store or doing important tasks, such as repairing a bike or making a sale on his showroom floor. If Jesse was using a FAQ/80% video on his website, then customers who check out his business online would be able to get answers to most of their questions quickly. His video could also help him pre-qualified them as buyers, as a result saving his business time and money.

Important tip: People who trust you are more likely to buy from you!

Planning for Your FAQ/80% Video

There’s a couple of things that you should consider before you put together a script. One of the first things you need to do is you need to create a list of the most common questions that your sales team gets. Or, if you’re a solopreneur, the most common questions YOU get!

Write Down All of the Most Commonly Asked Customer Questions

As you get phone calls and emails, add them to your questions list. Keep a tally of the questions that are repeated the most often. The questions with the highest tallies for similarity are the ones that you will want to address in your video.

Don’t be Afraid to Address Cost

You don’t even have to be specific about costs; you can talk in general terms or averages for most customers. One of the things that people hate is listening to a sales pitch and then not knowing how much that something costs–whether it’s a service or a product. Be upfront, be open, and be honest. Be trustworthy!

How Does Your Product or Service Solve Your Customers’ Pain Point?

This should be a repeating theme throughout any content that you create. Keep it in the back of your mind every time you plan out a video. And on top of that, answer how you are going to solve the customer’s problem (the process).

Think Like a Buyer & Save Your Business Time and Money

Think like a buyer, do not think like your business. Think like a customer would think when you’re putting this content together–how does the content relate to your viewer as a potential buyer? You want to think in terms of what a buyer might want to know.

Example: We helped this one customer solve a problem with the fuel injection system in their car. It only took us two hours to replace it, and the customer was back on the road!

This is a scenario that is relatable versus you talking about yourself (we’ve been in business for 40 years). You’re sort of talking about yourself, but you’re really talking more about the client that you helped, the problem they had, and how you solved it.

Don’t be Afraid to BE Simple

I encourage business owners to start out using their cell phones to produce video content. Use the tools that you have. Don’t worry about having fancy equipment, just get content made–do it authentically and make sure that you are trustworthy. You can always tweak, add to, and even redo this video later.

Be simple. It’s your business you’re trying to grow, and you want to connect with people. You want to build trust with people. Being authentic accomplishes this, so don’t overthink it.

Below is a sample scenario of how you might approach answering your customers’ questions in your FAQ/80% video.

Bad take: Charcoal grills are dirty and unhealthy, that’s why we only sell gas grills!

You’re oozing negativity this way and people typically don’t like negativity when they’re trying to figure out if they want to buy something.

Positive take: These are the health benefits of using a gas grill for cooking–lists the health benefits.

Hopefully, this simple tip will help you get in the mindset to create some really good content for your business!

Where should You Put Your FAQ/80% Video on Your Website?

In newspaper speak, anything that was important printed in old school newspapers was above the fold. On a newspaper’s front page any important graphics, photos, or headlines would be the first thing you see above where it folded. When a visitor loads your website, the most important thing that you want them to see is information or content that is going to pique their interest. Usually, this area of interest (above the fold) is the hero section on your website’s landing page–it’s the big section up top, right below the navigation, that everyone sees before they scroll. This is where you should put your FAQ/80% video.

save your business time and money
FAQ/80% video should go in the Hero section on your website’s front page.

We just finished a big project for a client. When people go to their website, the first thing they see is a video that they can click on. This client needed a FAQ/80% video, because they sell factory-direct appliances at deep discounts and a lot of people think that they sell used appliances instead of brand-new ones. Their FAQ/80% video goes into detail about how they can sell at the cost that they do, why their appliances are cheaper than their competitors, they’re guaranteed, and yes, they’re brand new!

A FAQ/80% Can Pre-Qualify Buyers

Your 80% video can help you save time by weeding out the ones who were never going to buy in the first place. This type of video also saves you money because you’re not allocating resources to constantly answering the same questions. It, too, can increase your profit margin by building trust with those potential customers, and leading them into a CTA (call-to-action) funnel!

Final Thoughts

In summary, you’re leaving money on the table and tying up resources that you could otherwise allocate to more productive efforts in your business by not having a FAQ/80% video. Think of this video as a tool that you and your sales team can use to better serve your customers by helping them quickly find answers to their questions. Anyone visiting your site who watches this video will be more apt to buy from you because in the end, people like seeing AND hearing people over reading an email or listening to a disembodied voice.

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